Elsa Reyes

Mexico: Up Next! Elsa Reyes on Keeping Nimble

In Post on Marcelo Tobar’s ‘Oso Polar’ (‘Polar Bear’)

Zensky Cine founder Elsa Reyes touts a long list of lauded producing credits in both shorts and features, but the key to her company , in her view, is keeping projects “small, intimate and independent.”

Case in point is the latest project she has produced, Marcelo Tobar’s, “Oso Polar,” which he shot with iphones. “It’s a film where it’s the story that counts; how it was made wasn’t important, we didn’t need state-of-the-art camera technology,” says Reyes. Using crowd-funding coin of 200,000 pesos ($12,000), they shot around Mexico City with just two iphones and three actors. She’s now taking it to works-in-progress encounters to raise post-production funding. Tobar’s sibling drama “Asteroide” won Cabos’ Work in Progress Moviecity award last year.